Dress Code


*The proper dress codes must be followed to ensure the safety of the students, as well as to permit the teacher an unobstructed view of the dancer to ensure the techniques are being learned. Please adhere to the following guidelines. Dancers should always have hair up in a bun and should always wear the appropriate footwear (socks not permitted).



  • Clothing (Boys): White T-Shirt & Black Fitted Shorts
  • Clothing (Girls): Black Leotard & Pink Tights | Skirts Optional
  • Shoes (Boys): Black Capezio Cobra (#2030)
  • Shoes (Girls): Capezio Hanami (#2037)


  • Clothing (Boys): Athletic Clothing
  • Clothing (Girls): Form Fitting Clothing | Booty Shorts Permitted

*Tights required with briefs or leotards

  • Shoes (Boys): Tan Bloch Pulse (required for recital) or Super Jazz (rehearse)
  • Shoes (Girls): Tan Bloch Pulse (required for recital) or Super Jazz (rehearse)


  • Clothing (Boys / Girls): Loose Fitting Clothing
  • Shoes (Boys / Girls): Non-Marking Tennis Shoes (No Boots / Black Soles)


  • Clothing (Boys): Loose Fitting Clothing
  • Clothing (Girls): Loose Fitting Clothing | Form Fitting w/ Leggings Permitted
  • Shoes (Boys / Girls Level 2-4): Black Bloch Respect (#S0361)
  • Shoes (Boys / Girls Level .5-1): Tan Bloch Tap Ons (#S0302)